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At Australian Agroforestry Solutions, we're more than just an agroforestry company — we're your dedicated partners in cultivating sustainable landscapes. Our comprehensive range of services is designed to turn your vision into a reality, ensuring a harmonious blend of nature and productivity

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Design and Site Development

At Australian Agroforestry Solutions, we recognize that every client and site is unique. That's why we invest time with you to deeply understand your goals and aspirations for the project. Our commitment is to transform your vision into a reality, and it all begins with a personalized approach.


Our Process:

Client-Centric Consultation:
Your goals are our starting point. We engage in thorough consultations to uncover your vision, ensuring that every detail is considered and every aspiration understood.

Site-Specific Understanding:
No two sites are alike. Our team takes the time to intimately comprehend the nuances of your location, allowing us to tailor our services for maximum impact.

Creating a Confidence-Building Base Map:
Armed with your vision and a detailed understanding of the site, we craft a base map that serves as the foundation for your project. This map empowers you with the confidence to move forward to execution.

Forestry Planting and Mulching

From Blueprint to Bloom: Nurturing Your Project Every Step of the Way

At Australian Agroforestry Solutions, we believe in turning plans into flourishing landscapes. Once your personalized plan is established, we seamlessly transition into the transformative stages of tilling, cover cropping, and meticulous planting.

Our Process Unveiled:

Precision Tilling and Soil Preparation

Grounded in expertise, we initiate the process with precision tilling and soil preparation. This crucial step sets the foundation for a thriving ecosystem, ensuring your soil is primed for growth.

Cover Cropping and Amendments

A dynamic approach to sustainability. We integrate cover cropping, enhancing the soil structure, and carefully introduce amendments to create an environment that nurtures plant life.

Final Till for Perfection

Before your vision takes root, we perform a final till, ensuring the soil is primed and ready to receive the seeds of transformation.

Setting Out and Planting

Your landscape begins to take shape as we meticulously set out and plant, bringing the carefully crafted design to life.

Mulching Mastery
Preservation meets aesthetics. We complete the process by mulching heavily, providing not just protection but also fostering an environment conducive to sustained growth.

Why Trust Australian Agroforestry Solutions

Expertise in Soil Science
Our team possesses deep knowledge in soil science, ensuring that every aspect of soil preparation is executed with precision and care.

Sustainable Practices

We are committed to sustainable methods. Cover cropping and thoughtful amendments contribute to not just immediate success but also the long-term health of your landscape.

Attention to Detail

Every step matters. Our attention to detail, from the final till to the meticulous planting, ensures your landscape is a masterpiece of design and functionality.

Embark on the journey from blueprint to bloom with [Your Company Name]. Contact us today to experience the transformative power of our meticulous tilling, cover cropping, and planting process.

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Forest management

Nurturing Your Forest Oasis:

Expert Management for Lasting Splendor

At [Your Company Name], our commitment to your agroforest goes beyond creation. We understand that ongoing management is vital for sustaining its beauty and functionality. Our comprehensive management services encompass a range of practices, ensuring your forest thrives year after year.

Our Management Services Include:

  1. Chop and Drop
    A sustainable cycle of growth. Our chop and drop method involves selectively pruning and leaving organic material to decompose, enriching the soil and nurturing a healthy ecosystem.

  2. Brush Cutting
    Precision in maintenance. Our brush cutting services keep your forest pathways clear and ensure that every plant has the space it needs to flourish.

  3. Weeding
    Maintaining the balance. Our weeding practices are meticulous, targeting invasive species to preserve the integrity of your agroforest.

  4. Foliar Spraying
    Guardianship from above. Our foliar spraying technique protects your plants from pests and diseases, promoting a vibrant and resilient forest.

  5. Fertilizing
    Nourishing the roots. Our fertilizing practices are tailored to the specific needs of your agroforest, ensuring optimal growth and vitality.

  6. Trimming
    Precision in aesthetics. Our trimming services go beyond maintenance, shaping your forest with an artist's touch to enhance its visual appeal.

Your Involvement, Your Choice:

Whether you prefer a hands-on approach or wish to entrust us entirely with the management, we're flexible. Our team can handle everything, or if you want to be actively involved, we provide expert advice on the 'what' and 'when' to ensure your active participation aligns with the needs of your forest.

Why Choose Australian Agroforestry Solutions for Management?

  • Expert Guidance
    Our team brings a wealth of knowledge to guide you in making informed decisions about the management of your agroforest.

  • Tailored Solutions
    Your forest is unique, and so are our management strategies. We tailor our services to meet the specific needs of your landscape.

  • Long-Term Sustainability
    Our management practices not only preserve the beauty of your forest but also contribute to its long-term health and resilience.

Partner with Australian Agroforestry Solutions for the continued vibrancy of your agroforest. Contact us today to discuss our management services and create a plan that ensures the lasting splendor of your lush oasis.


Plant Propagation and Nursery

Nursery Excellence: Your Source for Premium Plant Stock

At Australian Agroforestry Solutions, we take pride in our self-sustaining approach, and our on-site nursery plays a crucial role in ensuring the success of your agroforestry project. By relying on our own plant stock, we guarantee a seamless and timely supply of diverse flora, meeting the specific needs of your landscape.

Our Nursery Advantages:

  1. Timely Availability
    No waiting, no delays. Our in-house nursery ensures that we have the right plants precisely when you need them, facilitating efficient and well-timed project execution.

  2. Diverse Timber Species
    Crafting resilient ecosystems. Our nursery is home to a variety of long-term timber species, carefully cultivated to contribute to the strength and longevity of your agroforest.

  3. Fruit Tree Variety
    Harvests for years to come. Our long-term fruit trees, nurtured in our nursery, promise bountiful yields, adding both beauty and functionality to your landscape.

  4. Annuals and Perennials
    Seasonal vibrancy and year-round beauty. Our nursery stocks a diverse range of annuals and perennials, ensuring your agroforest is a dynamic and ever-changing tapestry of colors.

  5. Herbs for a Culinary Touch
    Blend functionality with aesthetics. Enhance your landscape with our carefully cultivated herbs, adding both fragrance and flavor to your agroforest.

Why Choose Australian agroforestry solutions for Nursery Stock?

  • Quality Assurance Our nursery is a testament to our commitment to quality. Every plant is nurtured with care, ensuring that it thrives when transplanted into your landscape.

  • Customized Selection Your project, your choices. Our nursery provides you with the flexibility to choose from a diverse selection of plant stock, tailored to your unique preferences and goals.

  • Cost-Efficiency By relying on our own nursery, we streamline costs, offering you a cost-efficient solution without compromising on the quality of your plant stock.

Experience the convenience and assurance of a dedicated nursery at Australian Agroforestry Solutions. Contact us today to discuss how our in-house plant stock can elevate the success of your agroforestry project.

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